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Once the world's most elusive band, Klaatu has fully embraced the social network as a method of reaching out their fans. Below are a few thoughts from John Woloschuk:

"Let the music speak for itself." Ah, you live and learn. That whole anonymity thing seemed like a noble idea at the time, but it kind of backfired on us!

It is still about the music for me -- but after the PR nightmare we've been through, I'm just thrilled that people hearing our songs for the first time get what we were doing. Just making the best music we could.

Back then, there were no loops, even synthesizers were extremely primitive tools. No, if you wanted to create a sound, you had to be inventive. Whether stretching tape across a room -- galloping coconuts on a table -- or using a soldering gun to totally redesign an instrument, we used our creativity to the max.

And having Terry Brown as a producer, mentor, friend, and big part of the creative process -- well, it doesn't get any better than that.

During a recent reunion where we enjoyed talking about those wonderful years let loose in his studio, Terry Brown made an observation that really struck a chord: "The reason young people today are listening to music from the 70s is because it is just so damn good."

As much as we appreciate our die-hard fans, Klaatu is also being rediscovered by a large number of people who have memories of us from their youth. But the most encouraging of all, is that a whole new generation... who were never caught up in the rumour, are discovering and enjoying the music we sunk our heart and soul into creating. Finally, the music is speaking for itself...

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