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Klaatu & 'Becoming Redwood'

Congratulations to "Becoming Redwood" for opening the Edmonton International Film Festival and for your upcoming screenings at the Vancouver International Film Festival next month. So proud to have Klaatu songs in your film.

Becoming Redwood

Hope Remastered

3:47 E.S.T. Remastered

Website is Launched!

Welcome to Klaatu's new band website. Now that we are in control of our music, it was time to create our own presence on the Internet. This new site will work in harmony and conjunction with the wonderful collection of Klaatu information on our official fan website, www.klaatu.org.

Their dedication to the band is greatly appreciated, so please check them out!

Also follow Klaatu around the Net with Facebook, ReverbNation, Myspace and more here.

Klaatu Announces New Label, Klaatunes Records

Screenplay of Klaatu Story in the Works

Klaatu has entrusted a writer with the challenge of telling their unique story... the truth behind the Beatles rumor and the negative impact it had on their career. While writing this original screenplay, she spent 10 months researching media coverage, interviewing the band, plus others involved in the story -- and being immersed in Klaatu's fascinating journey.

"I knew immediately that this story must be told. Although I only discovered their music recently, my research uncovered a series of events and a cast of characters that I could never devise in a piece of fiction.

The more I got to know the band members... the more determined I was to share 'Sell Out: The Klaatu Story' with the music-lovers of the world."

Mary MacDonald Rival

This project is currently in development.