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Meet the Artist: Ted Jones

When I was in art school, I loved doing album covers as class projects. The thought of actually creating album covers that you could buy in a store was a dream of mine.

When I met the band in 1975 and they asked me to do the cover for their record, I was thrilled… and awfully nervous.

The Artwork

The album covers have played a huge role in the identity (or lack of identity) of Klaatu since the very first album.

The iconic Klaatu Sun from the first album was the subject of much speculation and inspection at the height of that pesky Beatles' episode. Was it the lost sun album? Look for the hidden messages in the artwork. Turn it upside-down and sideways and the truth will be revealed. All rumour-driven hokum, but certainly fun to look back on!

So let's meet the artist, and find out from him what inspired each album cover…

Click on each album cover to read Ted's story about the artwork.