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The Rumour

That Freak'n Rumour…

It wasn't until Steve Smith, an employee of the Providence Sunday Journal in Rhode Island, wrote an article Could Klaatu be the Beatles? Mystery is a magical tour, that the frenzy linking Klaatu to The Beatles took off around the world.

And did it ever take off. Like a spaceship headed to career disaster!

To learn more about the rumour, please visit our friends at www.klaatu.org for an excellent collection of articles on the subject.

When the dust settled, the band was blamed for orchestrating an elaborate hoax designed to fool the public about its identity. The exact opposite of what really happened. The media that had embraced the frenzy felt duped. Radio stations that had spun their vinyl hourly, now refused to play their music… and after five albums, the embattled band finally disbanded in 1982.

But like their namesake… Klaatu is back. There's still more to come… including a music-filled film about the band that is currently in development, Sell Out: The Klaatu Story.