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John Woloschuk

John is from the West-end of Toronto and attended York University's fine arts program.

John first met Terry Draper at grade school in the early 1960s. They played in a number of bands together until 1967 when John left to get a head start songwriting and recording. In 1971, John and Terry formed the short-lived Mudcow, adding Dee Long as guitar player.

Their desire to play original music – and not tour the stripper circuit – led to Mudcow's demise. Then John met producer Terry Brown at a job interview… and Klaatu took flight.

However, to fully understand Klaatu and how events transpired, one must realize three key things about John Woloschuk:
1) His love of old black and white movies.
2) His passion for music.
3) His shyness. That's why his bio ends here.