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Dee Long

Dee first met Terry Draper in 1968 when they played against each other during a Battle of the Bands competition. Determined to play his own original music, Dee left Mudcow when they were forced to do covers. So when John was given the opportunity by Terry Brown to play him some of his demo tapes, John invited Dee to play his demos as well.

Instantly recognizing their talent, Terry Brown invited them to record at Toronto Sound Studio during off hours. And the rest is history.

During the creation of Klaatu's five albums, Dee continued to develop his skills as an engineer and producer. Eventually leaving the band to focus on his own production studio -- later working with Sir George Martin at London Air Studios.

Dee now lives in British Columbia with his wife. He's created several CD's over the years, including his latest release Life AfterLife.

To learn more about Dee's solo projects, please visit him at www.deelong.com.